Hereford Owl Rescue was started in the year 2000.

Our aim is to rescue owls, which were being neglected in favour of other birds of prey by existing rescue centres.

Although owls have always been a popular bird, the general public were found to have very little idea of their needs in terms of feeding, handling, etc. Owls featuring in recent films have led to an increase in the number of people keeping them as pets, not always with very satisfactory results.

We are committed to rehabilitating rescued owls of all species, as well as educating the public about these beautiful and fascinating birds. The Centre has facilities for looking after up to forty owls at any one time, and as well as British native species we have a wide range of other non native species, from the tiniest to the imposing European Eagle Owl.

All species of owls are welcome! We are not a registered charity at present as we are too small but all money donated, is properly accounted for, and helps to look after the owls both captive bred and long term injured wild owls and those wild birds who need time to recover from injuries before being released back to their territory.

As well as caring for the birds, the Owl Rescue Centre is happy to give talks to all kinds of groups about the many facets of keeping owls, as well as attending many local farmers' markets, always accompanied by several of the tamer birds, who have quickly developed a wide circle of friends!

Many people have been able to enjoy handling at least one of the owls at the talks, and at the many fairs and fetes attended throughout the year. It is worth noting that most of the birds at the Centre can never be released into the wild as they are captive-bred and would not learn to hunt for themselves, and some of the native breeds rescued have suffered injuries which also make this impossible.

You can see a range of photos of our Owls on the photos page. We also have a scheme for people to "adopt" any of the wide range of Owls that are in our care

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